What is a digital painting?
A digital painting is created directly on the computer, usually using Photoshop and a tablet with a pen. The pen works just like a paint brush, but without the mess of real paint.

Why a digital painting? Why wouldn’t I just get the photo printed?
Of course you can just get your photo printed, especially if your photo is really nice. But if your pet looks oh so cute in the photo but it’s not centered right, a paw or tail got cut off, the background is messy, you wish he wasn’t wearing that harness, there is some fur covering an eye, you want to combine multiple pets from different photos or the photo is just a little blurry and the quality is just not good enough for a nice print, that’s when you want to consider a digital painting that can solve all of those issues. It will also give your photo a different, slightly softer look.


Why do you only sell the digital files and not a painting printed on canvas?
I decided to only sell the digital files so you have control over how you want to get the painting printed. By giving you 7 digital files for different uses you can get as many canvases or photos printed as you like, whenever you want, as often as you want. Not being involved in the process to order a canvas or photo print also allows me to keep my prices low.


How do I order a painting?
Start by sending me an email with your favorite photo of your pet. Go to the How to Order page for more info. Please look at the digital paintings in the Gallery before you order to make sure you like my painting style.

How much do your paintings cost?
Go to the Prices & Sizes page for details.

How long does it take to create a painting?
A digital painting with one pet takes about 3 - 4 hours to paint. The paintings are created in the order they are received. Usually a painting is done within 5 days, depending on how busy I am.

Can you change the background of the photo I'm sending you?
Yes, I can change any backgrounds. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific, or you can leave it up to me to do what I think looks best. I usually put a colored gradient in the back, the color can easily be changed if you don’t like the one I pick.

Can you combine pets from different photos?
Yes. You can email me several photos and I will combine them for the painting. I will show you a mockup before I start painting. There is an extra $10 charge for each additional pet.

Can you make changes if I don't like something?
Yes, one round of changes is included in your price. When I show you the finished painting you can request a background or color change, or any other major or minor changes you would like me to make. If you still want me to make more changes after that there will be an extra charge.

Do you only paint digital pictures of pets?
Not necessarily. Pets, or animals in general, just seem to be in higher demand than anything else. It might take me longer to paint people, houses, cars or landscapes. Feel free to contact me for a quote. Click here to see some of my other digital paintings.


Can I send you a real photo instead of emailing one?
No, I only accept photos via email. You can take a picture of your printed photo and email that to me if you don’t have a digital version of it.

When and how do I pay for my painting?
Before I start working on your digital painting I’m going to ask for a partial payment of $30. Once your painting is approved by you I will ask you to pay the remaining balance. I accept Venmo and PayPal payments.